Terms and Conditions

This is designed to give you all the information you need about MOT Cover and provide details on how to claim. Don’t worry it’s a simple and quick process.

This plan is designed to reimburse you up to the maximum claim limit of £500.00 or £750.00 including VAT if your vehicle fails its MOT. We cover parts, labour and diagnostic investigation. If you require any assistance at any stage please do contact us at We welcome all feedback or suggestions you may have. You do not have to use the garage who conducted the MOT to carry our repairs- It’s your vehicle it’s your choice.

Unlike other warranty and insurance plans, this cover is designed to cover the unexpected and ensure you are not out of pocket under our unique discretion plan.

At MOTCover we are constantly developing new innovative products giving you peace of mind and motoring solutions in today’s expensive world.


  • We means MOTCover and or Motor Manager Limited
  • You means the plan holder
  • DVSA Driver Vehicle Standards Agency
  • DVLA Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency
  • VAT Value Added Tax
  • MOT Ministry of Transport
  • Working Days Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays or public holidays
  • Regualr means at least annually
  • Inception means when cover is activated
  • UK United Kingdom
  • DPF Diesel Particulate Filter
  • EGR Exhaust Gas Recirculation
  • Plan means the cover you have purchased

1. Period of Cover

1.2 This Plan covers one claim and is valid for twelve months from the inception date and shall renew automatically. We shall send reminders to ensure you are aware when your MOTCover plan expires.

2. Data Protection

2.1 The data you provide and give us permission to collect will be held on our database. We do not share or pass your details on to any other companies. You are entitled to a copy of the information we hold about you. To request a copy of the information we hold please email We are the data controller in relation to any personal information you supply under the Data Protection Act 1988

3. MOT stations

3.1 You are free to choose your own garage for the MOT and repairs however, this should be a DVSA approved garage.

4. Location

4.1 Our plan is available in Great Britain, Northern Ireland and Scotland for vehicles built for the European Market intended for the UK market and registered in England, Northern Ireland or Wales.

5. Jurisdiction

5.1 This Plan is governed and subject to the laws of England and Wales and is not a contract of insurance so falls outside of the financial conduct authority. We operate on an discretionary basis.

6. Your Statutory Rights

6.1 Nothing in these terms and conditions will reduce or affect your statutory rights. For further information about your Statutory Rights you can contact the Citizens Advice Bureau

7. Complaints Procedure

7.1 Our aim is to ensure you are happy and enjoy worry free motoring. However, if you wish to complain, please notify us via Please provide your name, email, vehicle details and nature of complaint.

7.2 We shall investigate your complaint thoroughly and will communicate with you throughout.

7.3 A member of staff shall respond and deal with your complaint promptly and efficiently within five working days.

7.4 Our formal response will be sent via email.

7.5 This process or our terms and conditions does not affect your statutory rights.

8. Terms


8.1 All vehicles must be road registered with the DVLA with a UK and Irish registration number plates, built for the European market.

8.2 We shall not cover vehicles designed or modified for racing or competition, driving tuition vehicles, police or ambulance vehicles, accidental damage, fire or attempted theft to vehicles.

8.3 All vehicles must be serviced on a regular basis, including camshaft drive belt changes and correct oil. You agree to provide documented evidence of the service such as, but not limited; to receipts and evidence of the service schedule.

8.4 We shall cover vehicles including cars, company vehicles, hire and reward/chauffeur, motorcycles, Motor Homes and Camper Vans, small commercial vans up to a gross vehicle weight of no more than 3.5 tonnes.

9. General

9.1 The garage conducting the MOT should be DVSA approved.

9.2 The vehicle shall not have covered more than 200,000 miles at inception.

9.3 There is no age of vehicle limitation.

9.4 We pay claims within seven days by bank transfer to your account. If we investigate your claim or request documentation we may not be able to settle your claim within the standard seven days. We endeavour to settle all clam shell as quickly as possible.

9.5 We shall not cover the cost for MOT testing or re test.

9.6 The previous MOT should be at least 60 days from the inception of this plan.

9.7 We shall not provide cover where the MOT is due within 60 days. 

9.8 You must have owned the vehicle for at least 60 days prior to accepting this plan.

9.9 Cover is excluded for the first sixty days. 

9.10 You/your company or the company you are employed by should own the vehicle.

9.11 We shall not provide payment for any loss of earnings or alternative transportation.

9.12 We shall not provide cover for vehicles that have damage of any nature or insurance claims, including a new or duplicate MOT following an insured write off.

9.13 We shall not charge VAT.

9.14 We shall not cover vehicles owned or for sale in the motor trade.

9.15 We shall automatically renew this plan until you advise otherwise.

9.16 We can request photographic evidence or request documented service history at any time.

9.17 All plans includes an deduction of £25.00, this sum shall be deducted from the final settlement amount. We shall not cover the first £25.00 of any claim.

9.18 We are unable to transfer this plan to any other person. 

9.19 You have the right to cancel your plan at any stage. If you have claimed or submitted a claim of any nature we shall not offer any refund. Refunds are calculated on a pro rata basis less an administration charge of £10.50 and no refunds are rewarded after the end the ninth month. 

9.20 We shall not cover any costs relating to previous advisories including Minor, major or Dangerous items. The maximum claim limit is £500.00 or £750.00 including VAT. This plan shall cover one claim only within a twelve month period.

9.21 If we request evidence or additional paperwork then we are unable to settle your claim within seven days. We endeavour to settle your claim as quickly as possible.

9.22 The vehicle we cover must have tax and insurance at inception and at the time of your claim.

9.23 We have few parts or components that are excluded under this plan apart from tyres and DPF or EGR related faults, engine failure, worn clutches.

9.24 We shall not provide cover if you intend to MOT the vehicle with known faults. We shall in our assessment not provide cover for items that have been failing in the past months.

9.25 We can appoint an independent engineer to inspect the vehicle to qualify your claim. You must make the vehicle accessible at an agreed time for up to an hour. We reserve the right to settle any claim until until we have reviewed the engineers report, you are not liable for any costs for the engineers professional charges.

9.26 We do not cover pre existing conditions.

9.27 We shall not cover liability for bodily injury, death, property damage, war, riot, vandalism, flood, wind or lightening.

9.28 We have absolute and final discretion on all aspects of all plans. Since contractually and legally this plan operates on a discretionary basis it is not a contract of insurance and so falls outside the jurisdiction of the Financial Ombudsman Service or Financial Conduct Authority. The body governing this type of agreement is the Trading Standards Institute. Any legal proceedings will be held in the courts of England and Wales. This does not affect your statutory rights.

9.29 The vehicle must have passed the MOT test before we settle any claim.

9.30 We shall not provide cover for breakdown, unless purchased separately or included within your plan.

9.31 We are truly and proudly independent and have no agreements with garages- It’s your vehicle It’s your choice.

9.32 By using our site you agree to the terms and conditions.


9.33 We own this site and content, you shall not copy or amend any material in any way.


9.34 We update our site on a regular basis for your added protection, you are encourage to check for any alterations or amendments that may effect you. If you are unsure please contact us.


9.35 We are not liable for any loss of income, loss of profit or data.


9.36 You agree not to harm, alter or cause any damage to our site by way of but not limited to viruses, trojans, worms, logic bombs or any other harmful material.


9.37 You will not attempt to gain access to our site unlawfully via any form and cause harm.


9.38 By not adhearing to 9.33, 9.35, 9.36, 9.37 you are in breach and committing an offence under the Computer Misuse Act 1990, we shall inform the appropriate authorities and cooperate fully. 


9.39 We are not liable for any damage, infections or loss of data that our site may cause to you or your device. 

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